2015 Wonder Women

In celebration of Mourning Hope’s 20 year anniversary, women in the Lincoln community were invited to become a member of our 100+ WonderWomen. We were looking for 100+ women to be a part of a powerful new group that would have a significant impact on bereaved families in our community without the time-consuming effort we all associate with fundraising. As a Mourning Hope WonderWoman, participants were each asked to commit an annual donation of $100. This will provide our organization with operating funds of each year which will go directly to the bereaved youth and caregivers served by the Center; families are not charged for grief support services at Mourning Hope. The donated dollars would be primarily free of fundraising burden or overhead costs! As a “thank you,” participating WonderWomen were invited to join forces for an October cocktail party to celebrate friendships.

If you’re interested in becoming a Wonder Woman, please contact Carly Runestad at crunestad@mourninghope.org or 402.488.8989.