Local Grief Resources

Grief Resources in Lincoln and Surrounding Communities

The Mourning Hope Grief Center has developed a resource listing of grief support groups throughout the community.Please click below to download this valuable resource.

Understanding Childhood Grief in Nebraska

Childhood bereavement is a public health issue that has long been overlooked. The death of a parent or other important person in a child’s life has been noted to be one of the most frequently reported disruptive childhood experiences. However, the prevalence of childhood bereavement is not well understood. Previous efforts to estimate childhood bereavement prevalence rates have been hindered by methodological, reporting, and data source limitations.

The Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model (CBEM) is a statistical tool developed by Judi's House/JAG Institute that uses population metrics to approximate rates of U.S. children and youth who will experience the death of a parent and/or sibling* by the time they reach adulthood. This accessible resource can be utilized to improve public awareness about the magnitude of childhood bereavement, conduct community-level assessments to identify service needs, better evaluate the social impact of unaddressed grief, and ultimately, contribute to improved public health outcomes.

*It's important to note that the CBEM only accounts for parent and/or sibling death. The data does not include the deaths of others such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. 

Books Written Locally for Families Affected by Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer affects the entire family. Effective communication within a family is an essential element for families to navigate through the emotional impact of the diagnosis. Two books are available to open the avenues of communication: “Life Isn’t Always a Day at the Beach, A Book for All Children Whose Lives are Affected by Cancer” and “Life Isn’t Always a Breeze, A Supportive Journal for All Teens Whose Lives are Affected by Cancer.” Both books are designed to be used by the child/teen diagnosed with cancer, their siblings, and children/teens whose parent is diagnosed with cancer.

Children and teens benefit from having a means to express themselves and to have their personal journey through the cancer experience understood. Good communication is essential for families coping with a cancer diagnosis and the right resource can facilitate understanding and open the avenues of communication while strengthening coping skills. These user-friendly books are an excellent tool to facilitate meaningful interactions and supply the opportunity for growth and learning whether in a support group setting, a 1:1 counseling session, or in the home between family members.

Please visit to order and for more information. Quantity discounts are available.