Mourning Hope Grief Center

In celebration of Mourning Hope’s 20 year anniversary, women in the Lincoln community were invited to become a member of our 100+ WonderWomen. We were looking for 100+ women to be a part of a powerful new group that would have a significant impact on bereaved families in our community without the time-consuming effort we all associate with fundraising. As a Mourning Hope WonderWoman, participants were each asked to commit an annual donation of $100. This will provide our organization with operating funds of each year which will go directly to the bereaved youth and caregivers served by the Center; families are not charged for grief support services at Mourning Hope. The donated dollars would be primarily free of fundraising burden or overhead costs! As a “thank you,” participating WonderWomen were invited to join forces for an October cocktail party to celebrate friendships.

If you’re interested in becoming a Wonder Woman, please contact Carly Runestad at or 402.488.8989.

2014 Wonder Women
Mary Abel
Barbara Anderson
Sheree Bacus
Leirion Baird
Sarah Baltensperger
Nancy Bare
JoAnne Bettenhausen
Jan Blumer
Linda Bouwens
Beatty Brasch
Tina Breitenbach
Diane Brestel
Deb Buhro
Ann Campbell
Joan Campbell Foote
Mary Carper
Sharon Cirone
Jennifer Connelly
Mary Curtis
Deloris Dahl
Sherri Daubert
Linda Daugherty
Sarah David
Judy Dinneen
Pam Dinneen
Sharla Dinneen
Janee Dlugosh
Dolores Dunn
Samantha Eckhardt
Sandi Fabry
Tracy Follmer Souchek
Pam Frerichs
Norma Fuhr
Sue Gabriel
Pam Ganz
Julie Gillmor
Susan Gourley
Kaycee Greenfield
Diane Guthery
Diane Hansen
Jamie Hansen
Terry Hansen
Cynthia Harre
Marilyn Harris
Mary Hawk
Connie Heier
Nancy Heiser
Linda Hemmingsen
Candy Henning
Kathi Hesser
Elizabeth Hilsabeck
Jill Hoover
Barb Hoppe
Stephanie Johnson
Patty Karthauser
JoAnne Kissel
Carol Klaus
Katie Kloefkorn
Diedre Kobler
Sarah Kramer
Holly Leach
Kylie Legree
Linda Lichtenberg
Amy Lipins
Linda Maly
Denise McLain
Kerri McLain
Holly Meyer
Mary Sue Meyers
Kathy Moore
Marilyn Moore
Angie Muhleisen
Lindy Mullin
Lyndsie Mullin
Molly Nance
Gayla Nelsen
Lee Nyberg
Megan Ober
Rosemary Ohles
Holly Ostergard
Carolyn Panasiuk
Patty Pansing Brooks
Cheri Parent
Catelyn Petersen
Lana Peterson-Pressler
Jan Prettyman
Jolenne Pribyl
Margaret Puls
Karen Ravenscroft
Carol Rempp
Cathy Rhodes
Diane Richters
Kim Robak
Joan Roberts
Charlene Rohl
Judy Roper
Carly Runestad
Judy Runion
Kim Russel
Claudia Russell
Patricia Ruth
Sue Saathoff
Deb Schorr
Christie Schwartzkopf Schroff
Jan Sheridan
Jeanne Sheridan
Julie Smith
Jana Spilker
Stephanie Stearley
Kathy Stewart
Jennifer Strand
Nancy Stuckey
Sue Tallman
Jana Tanner
Nancy Tegeler
Barb Tegt
Jan Thelen
Jenny Unruh
Tracy Vuchetich
Pam Wessel
Susie Windle
Judi Wittwer
Barbara Woythaler
Rebecca Wubbels
Marcia Yost