What We Do


The Mourning Hope Grief Center is proud to be an approved internship and practicum site for several universities’ clinical graduate training programs. We provide experiential learning opportunities working with the bereaved to graduate students in counseling, social work and other related fields.

After completing intensive training, interns are able to participate in all programming provided at Mourning Hope. This includes 10-week family groups, 8-week adult groups, survivors of suicide loss groups, virtual groups, school groups, weekend camp, one-day events, and individual and family counseling.

Mourning Hope embraces a companioning philosophy where we walk alongside people as they teach us about their grief. We do not treat or diagnose, rather we use a person-centered approach. Mourning Hope recognizes that grief is a natural, healthy reaction to loss which is unique to each individual. We appreciate the importance of providing opportunities to share grief in a safe, supportive environment, and allow people to mourn in the ways that are right for them. This can be done through conversation, art, drama and play, based on the developmental age and grieving style of the client.

Internship Requirements

You might consider an internship with Mourning Hope if you:

  • Are a master's-level student in counseling, social work or therapy-related field;
  • Have a commitment to Mourning Hope's mission and the services we offer to the bereaved;
  • Have the ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality:
  • Are energetic and eager to learn and take on new challenges;
  • Are self-motivated and show initiative;
  • Have proficient oral and written communication skills;
  • Demonstrate excellent listening skills, compassion and relational skills;
  • Are proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Are available to participate in a volunteer training weekend, intern onboarding and other training requirements;
  • Are available to attend in cohort supervision sessions and individual debriefings;
  • Are capable of tracking your own hours;
  • Are available Wednesday afternoons for cohort meetings, and a minimum of two (2) weeknight evenings (Monday-Thursday) for groups;
  • Are flexible and willing to do some clerical and house work;
  • Are willing to participate in research, data gathering and documentation;
  • Are committed to following Mourning Hope's Code of Ethics and Policies & Procedures Manual;
  • Give permission for a background check;
  • Provide proof of professional liability insurance;
  • Meet additional requirements as required.

Internship Application

To apply for an internship at Mourning Hope, please send a completed Internship Application, resume and cover letter to alipins@mourninghope.org.

Internship Contact

For questions about internships at Mourning Hope, please contact:

Amy Lipins, LCSW
Grief Education Director