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100+ WonderWomen

100+ WonderWomen

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a pall on our community. As Mourning Hope navigates these uncertain times, we believe now, more than ever, it’s important to honor the WonderWomen in our lives.

This year, we are transforming our 100+ WonderWomen event into an opportunity to spread HOPE, encouragement and appreciation – because that’s what WonderWomen do! Over the past several months, we have all experienced what grief expert David Kessler calls a “collective loss.” Loved ones have died, plans have been cancelled, and we have lost our sense of safety and routine. We have all had to adjust to a new reality.

You don’t have to look far to identify a WonderWoman who has demonstrated distinctive character and an ability to pivot during these times: your mom, sister, friend, a coworker, frontline or essential service worker, a doctor or nurse, a teacher, a grocery store employee, any number of women in our city, state, in our nation and even around the world. The 100+ WonderWomen of Mourning Hope campaign wants to honor these women.

Since 1994 Mourning Hope has been coming alongside children and families in their grief. Who has been at your side during this time? Nominate these WonderWomen as a way to show your admiration for their inspiration. Their story can bring HOPE to us all.

For each nomination you are asked to make a $100 tax-deductible donation, which will directly support Mourning Hope’s programs and services available to the bereaved. Nominees’ stories will be featured on Mourning Hope’s social media pages (with permission) to publicly recognize them as extraordinary and to share messages of HOPE with the community. Additionally, each nominated WonderWoman will receive a limited-edition candle created by Wax Buffalo, a local, female-owned small business.

To nominate one or more WonderWomen in your life (or to become a WonderWoman yourself), please complete the form below by Friday, December 11.

For over 25 years, the Mourning Hope Grief Center has companioned grieving children, adults and families after the death of someone significant in their lives. Offering support groups, counseling, education, grief resources and referrals, all at no cost, the Center serves as a safe haven of support, hope, companionship and unconditional acceptance for all bereaved individuals in the community. Thank you for your support!

We hope to be able to host our annual WonderWomen celebration at the Country Club of Lincoln in 2021!

2020 WonderWomen

Mary Abel Rhonda Haas Sasha Mudlaff
Kathleen Allan Kathy Hall Asboe Jill Muff
Amy Anderson Teresa Hamiel Angie Muhleisen
Emmy Anderson Judy Haney Lindy Mullin
Jen Anderson Diane Hansen Karen Nabity Olson
Sue Anderson Laurie Hansen Molly Nance
Rebecca Arnold Terry Hansen Gayla Nelsen
Linda Ashleford Cynthia Harre Linda Norris
Denice Aten Rebecca Hausmann Rosemary Ohles
Laura Aten Katie Havlat Holly Ostergard
Marcela Aten Mary Hawk Carolyn Otte
Sheree Bacus Connie Heier Cheri Parent
Sarah Baltensperger Nancy Heiser Malissa Pauling
Kelly Bare Karen Helmberger Jen Perez
Nancy Bare Lori Hemmett Buffy Peters
Amanda Barker Linda Hemmingsen Leta Powell Drake
Betsy Bergman Priscilla Henkelmann Jan Prettyman
Sarah Bisbee Stacie Higgins Kerri Purkeypile
Cathy Blythe Lizzie Hilsabeck Susan Quambusch
Becky Boesen Dawn Holland Suzie Rager
Glenda Boesiger Joy Holman Alison Rash
Steph Boesiger Kate Holman Karen Ravenscroft
Denise Borton Stefany Hulsebus Janice Reinsch
Jon Borton Batool Ibrahim Kirstin Ricketts
Anne Brandt Lynette Ivanov Carol Ripley
Stacy Brass Stacy James Joan Roberts
Cindy Braun Karla Jensen Judy Roper
Misty Brouillette Elizabeth Jessen Marcia Roth
Lorrie Bryant Sheila Johnson Patricia Ruth
Beth Anne Bryson Teresa Justin Sarah Salem
Karen Buchfinck Heather Kadavy Cindy Schwaninger
Joan Campbell Foote Barbara Keating Christie Schwartzkopf Schroff
Paulette Cary Sasha Kelly Vi See
Marcia Cederdahl Shane Kennett Julie Seever
Mary Jo Cherry Michelle Keogh Nicholette Seigfreid
Alyssa Christensen Mary Kingery Liz Shea-McCoy
Joy Citta Sue Kittinger Jo Sheets
Rhonda Coash Carol Klaus Jan Sheridan
Char Cole Chelsi Klentz Davis Jeanne Sheridan
De Ann Currin Katie Kloefkorn Holly Sidlo
Mary Curtis Anne Koehler Julie Smith
Hope DaCosta-Schiltz Kim Koluch Morgan Smith
Sarah David Laura Krafka Dakota Sonderup
Linda Davis Kate Kulesher Jarecke Stephanie Stearley
Jane DeCamp Michealla Kumke Kathy Steinauer Smith
Kerri Denell Linda Kurkowski Deila Steiner
Martha Denell Sheryl Laduke Maggie Stuckey
Michelle Diamant Mij Laging Ronda Swanson
Pam Dinneen Cindy Lauterbach Roxane Swanson
Sharla Dinneen Marcia Lepinski Katie Taddeucci
Diane Dudley Linda Lichtenberg Brittani Tanhueco
Lauren Durban Ida Lim Nancy Tegeler
Sue Dutton Amy Lipins Jan Thelen
Beth Edrington Linda Lockwood Sherry Thimijan
Kjerstin Egger Katie Loos Cheryl Thompson
Marie Eledge Diane Lydick Barbara Truell
Jennifer Eurek Jane Maly Cristy Twombly
Sandi Fabry Mary Manatt Tiffany Verzal
Deane Finnegan Faith McCown Tracy Vuchetich
Kristal Flaming Jason McCown Petra Wahlqvist
Teena Francis Mary McCown Lynne Walker
Norma Fuhr Anne McGee Jessie Waller
Nancy Gableman Sara McLoughlin Hilary Watkins
Sue Gabriel Dawn Menard Pam Wessel
Doug Ganz Val Meyer Amy Williams
Pam Ganz Mary Sue Meyers Kristen Windle
Nancy Gerrard Shelly Mikus Susie Windle
Lisa Glathar Laurie Miller Megan Woita
Ken Gonzalez Janet Millnitz Linda Wolfe
Diana Good Libby Mollard Avery Woods
Susan Gourley Ellyn Molzer Barbara Woythaler
Jemalyn Griffin Lori Molzer Carly Woythaler-Runestad
Betsy Grindlay LuAnne Montgomery Lejla Zubcevic
Diane Guthery Marilyn Moore