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100+ WonderWomen

100+ WonderWomen

In 2014, several Mourning Hope volunteers created a new event for the Center. This fundraiser was to have very little overhead whereby the majority of the proceeds would directly benefit the bereaved.

As a Mourning Hope WonderWoman, individuals are asked to donate $100 on an annual basis. This group has provided Mourning Hope with significant operating funds dedicated toward the grieving children, adults and families served by the Center. Participants are not charged for grief support services at Mourning Hope and the WonderWomen donations ensure these programs and resources are available for everyone in our community.

As a thank you, participating WonderWomen are annually invited to join forces for a cocktail party - generously hosted by Mourning Hope volunteers - to celebrate friendships and a legacy of charitable giving.

Interested in joining this incredible group of women? Click below!

2021 WonderWomen

Mary Abel Diane Hansen Malissa Pauling
Phyllis Acklie Terry Hansen June Pederson
Kathleen Allan Cynthia Harre Jan Prettyman
Jenny Amend Cathy Hedstrom Suzie Rager
Amy Anderson Lori Hemmett Alison Rash
Emmy Anderson Linda Hemmingsen Karen Ravenscroft
Sue Anderson Priscilla Henkelman Janice Reinsch
Debbie Anstine Becca Henry Ashley Rife
Gloria Aron Heather Hilgers Jamie Riha
Linda Ashelford Lizzie Hilsabeck Kim Robak
Denice Aten Joy Holman Joan Roberts
Sheree Bacus Kate Holman Kylee Roberts
Joyce Baird Ashley Howard Jennifer Rokeby-Mayeux
Nancy Bare Elizabeth Jessen Judy Roper
Amanda Barker Jenni Jex Kerri Roper
Susan Baylor Barbara Keating Marcia Roth
Betsy Bergman Shane Kennett Claudia Russell
JoAnne Bettenhausen Michelle Keogh Cindy Ryman-Yost
Cathy Blythe Jodi King Cindy Schwaninger
Glenda Boesiger Mary Kingery Christie Schroff
Amy Bowman Sue Kittinger Rachel Schwindt
Laurie Boyd Petty Carol Klaus Julie Seever
Anne Brandt Katie Kloefkorn Mary Senne
Diane Brestel Kim Koluch Liz Shea-McCoy
Misty Brouillette Laura Krafka Jo Sheets
Lorrie Bryant Halley Kruse Jan Sheridan
Karen Buchfinck Kate Kulesher Jarecke Jeanne Sheridan
Deb Buhro Linda Kurkowski Michelle Skala
Ann Campbell Sheryl LaDuke Peg Slagle
Joan Campbell Foote Kelly Lauer Jill Smith
Marcia Cederdahl Kylie Legree Julie Smith
Mary Jo Cherry Linda Lichtenberg Stephanie Stearley
Alyssa Christensen Ida Lim Kathy Steinauer Smith
Linda Conrad Amy Lipins Emma Stewart
Sara Crook Diane Lydick Susan Stuart
Laurel Crusinberry Jane Maly Nancy Stuckey
Jeanine Curtis Linda Maly Maggie Stuckey-Ross
Mary Curtis Mary Manatt Suzanne Sughroue
Sarah David Mary McCown Janet Swanson
Linda Davis Denise McLain Roxane Swanson
Kerri Denell Sara McLoughlin Katie Taddeucci
Judy Dinneen Mary Sue Meyers Nancy Tegeler
Pam Dinneen Lu Ann Milius Jan Thelen
Sharla Dinneen Janet Millnitz Sherri Thomas
Diane Dudley Lori Molzer Cheryl Thompson
Samantha Eckhardt LuAnne Montgomery Cristy Twombly
Sandi Fabry Marilyn Moore Jenny Unruh
Kristal Flaming Angie Muhleisen Tiffany Verzal
Norma Fuhr Britta Muhleisen Tracy Vuchetich
Nancy Gabelman Lindy Mullin Lynne Walker
Sue Gabriel Molly Nance Pam Wessel
Karen Gagner Gayla Nelsen Amy Williams
Pam Ganz Christine Neukirch Kristen Windle
Nancy Gerrard Pam Nienaber Lejla Windle
Julie Gillmor Ellen Nisely Susie Windle
Lisa Glathar Dani Niss Megan Woita
Denise Goin Jill Novak Linda Wolfe
Susan Gourley Rosemary Ohles Barbara Woythaler
Jessica Greenwald Julie Olson Carly Woythaler-Runestad
Anastasia Grenfell Amanda Ostergard Sharon Zehr
Rhonda Haas Holly Ostergard Lejla Zubcevic
Judy Haney Carolyn Otte