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100+ WonderWomen

100+ WonderWomen

In 2014, several Mourning Hope volunteers created a new event for the Center. This fundraiser was to have very little overhead whereby the majority of the proceeds would directly benefit the grieving families who attend Mourning Hope.

As a Mourning Hope WonderWoman, individuals are asked to donate $100 on an annual basis. This group has provided our organization with significant operating funds dedicated toward the bereaved children, teens, young adults and caregivers served by the Center. Families are not charged for grief support services at Mourning Hope and the WonderWomen donations ensure these programs and resources are available for everyone in our community!

As a thank you, participating WonderWomen are annually invited to join forces for a cocktail party - generously hosted by Mourning Hope volunteers - to celebrate friendships and a legacy of charitable giving.

Interested in joining this incredible group of women? Information about the 2020 campaign will be available in the spring!

2019 WonderWomen

Phyllis Acklie Jacque Haeffner Megan Parker
Connie Adams Kathy Hall Asboe Malissa Pauling
Kathleen Allan Judy Haney Jan Prettyman
Kristin Allan Diane Hansen Lauren Pugliese
Jenny Amend Terry Hansen Jolenne Pribyl
Amy Anderson Cynthia Harre Susan Quambusch
Emmy Anderson Kirsten Harris Suzie Rager
Shannon Anderson Mary Hawk Alison Rash
Sue Anderson Cathy Hedstrom Dawn Raun
Julie Armstrong Connie Heier Karen Ravenscroft
Linda Ashelford Lori Hemmett Janice Reinsch
Denice Aten Linda Hemmingsen Diane Richters
Traci Baker Priscilla Henkelmann Ashley Rife
Betty Lou Ball Elizabeth Hilsabeck Jamie Riha
Sarah Baltensperger Joy Holman Kim Robak
Nancy Bare Kate Holman Joan Roberts
Kelly Bare Diedre Holthaus Amy Roche
Betsy Bergman Gina Honigschmidt Judy Roper
JoAnne Bettenhausen Barb Hoppe Johnson Kerri Roper
Lori Bigler Lorna Hunter Marcia Roth
Sarah Bisbee Elizabeth Jessen Kim Russel
Cathy Blythe Sheila Johnson Claudia Russell
Glenda Boesiger Mary Kent Patricia Ruth
Laurie Boyd Petty Michelle Keogh Cindy Schwaninger
Diane Brestel Mary Kingery Christie Schroff
Misty Brouillette Sue Kittinger Julie Seever
Lorrie Bryant Carol Klaus Liz Shea-McCoy
Deb Buhro Chelsi Klentz Davis Jo Sheets
Ann Campbell Emily Kluver Jan Sheridan
Joan Campbell Foote Kim Koluch Jeanne Sheridan
Linda Carlson Schmidt Laura Krafka Michelle Skala
Marcia Cederdahl Halley Kruse Peg Slagle
Mary Jo Cherry Kate Kulesher Jarecke Julie Smith
Alyssa Christensen Linda Kurkowski Kathy Steinauer Smith
Linda Conrad Deb Larson Deila Steiner
Laurel Crusinberry Kelly Lauer Maggie Stuckey
Donna Curtis Kylie Legree Nancy Stuckey
Mary Curtis Jan Lepard Suzanne Sughroue
Faye Darling Amy Lipins Janet Swanson
Sherri Daubert Diane Lydick Sue Tallman
Sarah David Jane Maly Jan Thelen
Linda Davis Linda Maly Sherri Thomas
Kerri Denell JoAnn Martin Cheryl Thompson
Sharla Dinneen Lavon McBride Lucy Thompson
Pam Dinneen Jill McCabe Nora Turner
Lori Droud Lori McClurg Joy Ullstrom
Diane Dudley Denise McLain Jenny Unruh
Debra Evnen Janet Millnitz Tiffany Verzal
Sandi Fabry Audrey Mines Tracy Vuchetich
Soni Fabry Jill Mlinar Lynne Walker
Kristal Flaming Lori Molzer Jessie Waller
Norma Fuhr Marilyn Moore Elizabeth Wanamker
Nancy Gabelman Angie Muhleisen Nancy Wanek
Pam Ganz Lindy Mullin Emily Wells
Kelley Garay Molly Nance Pam Wessel
Nancy Gerrard Gayla Nelsen Kristen Windle
Megan Gilbertson Pam Nienaber Susie Windle
Marissa Gill Keyzer Megan Niss Megan Woita
Julie Gillmor Rosemary Ohles Linda Wolfe
Diana Good Julie Olson Barbara Woythaler
Diane Guthery Holly Ostergard Carly Woythaler-Runestad
Rhonda Haas Carolyn Otte Sharon Zehr