I'm a Kid

Someone significant in your life has died. This might be a sad and difficult time for you. These big feelings you have inside are called grief. Letting out your grief is called mourning. You need to mourn so you can start to feel better. If you don't mourn, your feelings will stay all bottled up inside. Here are some ways to help you let out all those big feelings:

  • Talk to a grown-up you trust.

    These people may be a parent, teacher, school counselor, family friend, grandparent, aunt, uncle, coach.

  • Ask lots of questions.

    There are lots of confusing things about death. Don't be afraid to ask questions even if adults don't have answers for them.

  • Share your memories.

    Share memories about the person who died. It feels good to talk about the good times you had together and remember.

  • Cry.

    Crying is not just for babies. Crying helps your body let out its sadness.

  • Play.

    It's good to play and sometimes playing out what is happening in our lives helps us understand things better.

  • Let yourself feel happy.

    It's OK to do things you enjoy and take a break from your sadness. Being silly and having fun does not mean you don't still miss your person.

  • Do some art.

    Draw a picture, or make a memory book filled with all your special memories of your person. Sometimes it helps to draw out those feeling that feel too big to keep inside.

  • Talk to other kids who are grieving.

    Come to Mourning Hope where we have groups of kids your age who share their experiences and feelings. Together you can help each other and get new ideas of how to feel better.

  • Read books.

    Many books are available that can help you deal with what is happening in your life. Ask a grown up to check out books from the Mourning Hope resource library.